Portraits of Maestro Joaquín Orellana, Guatemala

In february 2019 I had the possibility to make a photoshooting with Maestro Joaquín Orellana direct in his studio in the National Theatre in Guatemala City. The 88 year old composer is very famous because of his instrument-creations (he calls them not instruments but "utiles sonoros" - always in connection to the Marimba). I was very impressed of his knowledge about sounds, his intelligence and his big sense of humor - a very sympathic meeting. Also the wellknown director Maestro Julio Santos was at this photoshooting.


  1. Video 1 "Manfred Scheucher meets Joaquín Orellana"
  2. Video 2 "Maestro Joaquín Orellana speaks about his professor Franz Ippisch, a refugee from Austria at the 2nd world war" (Wikipedia: )
  3. Video 3 "Utiles Sonoros - Maestro Joaquín Orellana"



weitere Infos über / more information about Maestro Joaquín Orellana: Wikipedia


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